Duct Tape Marketing Certified ConsultantWe’re proud to announce our new marketing certification after intensive months of study, with acceptance into the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. We’re excited to begin working with vastly extended resources within this network to help our clients’ business grow in a methodical way.

Marketing Is Always Changing

Business marketing is in an almost constant state of flux. Consumer preferences change with social and economic trends, laws change, technologies change. As a result, businesses who don’t change the way they attract new business as time passes are at risk of being left behind by the competition. In order to stay relevant and thrive, small businesses need to stay in touch with current marketing trends — but business owners typically don’t have the skills or the resources to know what to do or how to do it on their own.

Small Business Marketing

For most small businesses, marketing is an inexplicable black box. Without guidance from a knowledgeable, ethical marketing guide, most business owners experiment with random marketing tactics they’ve heard about but really have no plan for how to use a jumble of marketing tactics or how to measure their effectiveness.

A Systematic Approach to Marketing

This is where the Duct Tape Marketing System, created by John Jantsch, shines. John is a 30-year marketing consultant, speaker, and Wall St. Journal best-selling author of many books you may recognize, from the first — Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide — to the newest arriving in print this month, The Ultimate Marketing Engine. His system provides a building-block sequence to marketing and promotions that makes marketing understandable.

Marketing Certification

Because there is no licensing process for marketing agencies by government entities, anyone who wants to advertise themselves as a provider of marketing services like web design, SEO, social media, or any other marketing tactic can do it with little to no expertise. This can make it incredibly hard for a business owner to determine who to trust with their marketing budget. Without established professional standards for marketing like there are in other industries like finance, construction, cosmetology, or car repair, it can be difficult to choose someone who has the right experience and a personal dedication to helping you grow your business. Unfortunately we do see hype, scams, and incompetence by people who are good talkers out there who’ve latched on to some buzzwords and proclaimed themselves marketers without even the most basic knowledge. In contrast, a Duct Tape Marketing Network Consultant is certified after intensive study to be a trustworthy professional, and many of us have been in the industry for decades.

Benefits of the Duct Tape Marketing Network

Through the network we not only have access to the tools and resources John has developed for our use, but we also have membership in a worldwide peer group of marketing consultants who are willing to collaborate and share their experiences. Our new Consultant Network expands our village and ultimately benefits our clients. Through this system we can learn from his expertise, expand our repertoires, perfect our techniques, and stay in touch with trends through frequent continuing training, podcasts, and interviews with other marketing thought leaders. We’re frequently invited to join John in conversations with other top experts in the industry that most local small agency marketers only dream about!

Marketing Strategy

Our mantra in this methodology is “strategy first,” meaning that before we spend money on any marketing tactics, we need to develop a plan based on research and experience. Every business is different, and there are no cookie-cutter solutions that work for everyone. So rather than experimenting with our clients’ budgets, we begin each engagement with the research necessary to develop a winning strategy that translates into a marketing blueprint we can follow systematically. Once we’re set with a solid marketing strategy, we can jump into tactics that are appropriate for where our clients’ businesses are in their trajectory to success. With a sound foundation, we can avoid wasting precious time and making fruitless marketing investments.

What This Means for Our Clients

The pace of change in marketing technology and opportunities has always been crazy, but that’s part of what makes this industry an exciting place to be. Every professional marketer uses their experience and discernment to decide as new tools and social trends and search engine algorithms come along, which are just shiny new bobbles on the marketing landscape and which are actually worthy of our time and attention. With our membership in the Duct Tape Marketing Network, we have access to a higher level of expertise to help guide those decisions.

We’re excited to be rolling out all new marketing plans in sync with Duct Tape Marketing’s methodology, and allowing our current clients to benefit. If you’re wondering how your small to mid-size business might benefit, we’d be happy to talk to you about how we can help grow your business!